The Longest Boxing Match in History: A Rugged Display of Stamina and Determination


In the world of boxing, endurance, willpower, and skill are the key ingredients to succeed. One match in history, the longest boxing match, epitomizes these traits blatantly and displays an extraordinary picture of a test of human limits and indomitable spirit. This match is not only a historic event but also a gallant display of human endurance that riveted sport enthusiasts across the globe. Let’s take an in-depth dive into this compelling facet of boxing history.

Pre-demise of Bare-knuckle Boxing: The Cradle of the Longest Boxing Match

The year was 1893, before the golden gloves started dominating the world of boxing, and bare-knuckle brawls ruled the roost. It was the twilight of bare-knuckle boxing and a moment that would eternally etch itself into the annals of sporting history.

The Battle of the Giants: Andy Bowen Vs. Jack Burke

Heading straight into the history, the year 1893 saw the longest boxing match unfold between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke. This grueling battle took place in New Orleans, and the event captivated fans, much like a thriller.

The Drama Unfolding

For a daunting 7 hours and 19 minutes the two boxers suffered, sweated, and struggled to knock one another out. The Match consisted of an astonishing 110 rounds, taking the rugged and grueling nature of boxing to a whole new level.

The Rule of Conflict

During this time, the ‘London Prize Ring Rules’ governed the sport. This rule meant that a boxing round continued until a fighter was knocked down or thrown off balance. A round could be as short as a few seconds or as long as several minutes.

The Marathon Boxing Match

Under the harsh glare of the gas lamps, the two fighters traded blow for blow. As the rounds progressed, the amphitheater, filled to the brim initially, began to dwindle as the spectators retired for the evening or, in some cases, passed out from too much alcohol intake.

The Tragic Outcome

This relentless battle ended in a ‘no contest’ declaration following the refusal of both fighters to continue limping into the 111th round. So brutal was the fight that Jack Burke suffered broken hands, and Bowen lost his life in one of his subsequent matches, curtailing a promising boxing career.

The Fight’s Legacy

This mighty clash was not just a boxing match but a testament to the human spirit’s durability and strength. It led observers to reflect upon the barbarous nature of the sport of boxing, sparking conversations about boxing’s regulation and reformation that eventually led to the institution of the ‘Marquess of Queensberry Rules’.

Impact on Today’s Boxing

The legacy of this match had a profound impact on the course of boxing. The rules drafted post this grueling match, today form the bedrock of professional boxing, emphasizing safeguarding the players from the vagaries of extreme physical harm and ensuring greater welfare and dignity of the boxers.


The longest boxing match is remembered not solely for its incredible length but for the indomitable spirit and determination displayed by Andy Bowen and Jack Burke. It highlighted the need for change within the sport, and it’s hardships spurred on the positive developments that are ever-present in today’s boxing world. This historic event will forever resonate as a symbol of change, fortitude, and endurance in the realm of boxing.

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