5 Advanced Arm Triangle Submission Techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Exploring the Arm Triangle: BJJ’s Premier Submission Hold

The Arm Triangle choke, a prominent technique in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), stands out as a formidable approach for achieving submission. Known for its adaptability, this chokehold can abruptly turn the tides in a grappling bout. It operates by trapping an adversary’s arm alongside their neck and using one’s limb and torso to exert constrictive pressure on the carotid arteries.

The Art of Locking in an Arm Triangle

When undertaking an Arm Triangle, the practitioner must first secure a controlling position, such as mount, side control, or top half-guard. The essence of mastery lies in confining your rival’s arm across their neck while positioning your cranium on the opposite side, effectively ensnaring it. The execution entails wrapping your arms around the opponent’s neck and trapped arm, clasping your hands by interlocking your bicep and placing the alternate hand at the back of the opponent’s head.

Optimizing Technique for Maximum Effectiveness

Finesse, rather than force, underpins an effective Arm Triangle. It is critical to optimize body alignment and mechanical advantage. A common pitfall to elude is the unintended allowance of excessive space which empowers the opponent to ward off or counteract the hold.

Detailed Breakdown of the Arm Triangle Execution

  1. Position yourself dominantly, applying pressure to the distant shoulder, encouraging an aperture.
  2. Counter your foe’s framing efforts by sneaking your arm below their defensive limb, ensuring your shoulder presses tightly against their jugular.
  3. Transition your cranium across their torso, touching your ear to their inner limb, capturing it effectively.
  4. Create the chokehold by stationing your bicep and forearm on opposite sides of their neck, securing your grasp on your bicep.
  5. Conclude with lateral compression by drawing your elbows inward while propelling your shoulder forward to enact the choke.

Enhanced Strategizing for a More Constricted Arm Triangle

  • Aim for a deep and snug grip, limiting any available space for breathing.
  • Engage your upper body, not just your arms, to impose additional strain through your entire mass.
  • Employ patience and incremental adjustments to gradually intensify the choke, preventing escape routes.

Advanced arm triangle submission techniques

Common Errors in Arm Triangle Application

  • Avert the urge to rush—secure your positioning and grip methodically.
  • Maintain low head position and substantive pressure—crucial for obstructing elusive maneuvers.
  • Guard against unmonitored hip movements—adept opponents may leverage this to evade or invert positions.

Defensive Maneuvers Against the Arm Triangle

Comprehending common defensive tactics like neck framing, repositioning the confined limb internally to moderate constriction, and leveraging hip escapes to forge separation is indispensable for preempting and neutralizing an opponent’s counter strategies.

Drills to Perfect the Arm Triangle

Committing to isolation drills fosters acute timing for Arm Triangle deployment. Center emphasis on transition drills transitioning from mount to side control, accentuating the fluidity requisite for capturing the choke in active exchanges. Additionally, conditioning exercises that fortify core musculature are quintessential for sustained clamping and pressurization endurance.

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Arm Triangle Efficacy in Competitions

Within competitive realms, the Arm Triangle emerges as a pivotal move. Its efficacy transcends size disparities among contenders and is not solely contingent on raw power. A judicious application of the choke amplifies the likelihood of clinching a submission triumph.


An integral component of a devoted Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast’s repertoire is the Arm Triangle choke. With diligent study and routine practice, combined with steering clear of frequent blunders, one can cultivate a formidable submission tool. The Arm Triangle signifies a potent route to consistent submission achievements for novices and veterans alike.

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